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Pacific Northwest

Blue Carbon Working Group

Oregon's First Online Blue Carbon Mapping Tool is Now Live!

The PNW Blue Carbon Working Group in partnership with Pew Charitable Trusts is happy to announce the availability of an online mapping tool which enables users to investigate ranges of estimated blue carbon values associated with current tidal wetland habitats in Oregon's Coos estuary.  The tool also allows users to estimate ranges of possible changes in blue carbon values over time resulting from the restoration of disturbed tidal wetland sites in the estuary.  Coos estuary blue carbon mapping methods are now being applied to blue carbon mapping in Oregon's Yaquina estuary with the ultimate goal of developing blue carbon maps for all of Oregon's outer coast estuaries.  


The PNW Blue Carbon Working Group is a collaborative group of scientists, restoration practitioners, conservation leaders, land managers, policy experts, carbon finance experts, and funding program leaders committed to developing coastal blue carbon in the Pacific Northwest as a conservation and management tool to help mitigate the effects of climate change.


Building on projects already completed, members of the PNW Blue Carbon Working Group are undertaking a variety of research projects designed to address PNW coastal blue carbon research needs. 


The Working Group is developing a database to share existing and new blue carbon from regional tidal wetlands such as marshes, seagrass meadows, and forested wetlands


The mission of the PNW Coastal Blue Carbon Working Group is to develop coastal blue carbon as a conservation and management tool, so the conservation and restoration of Pacific Northwest tidal wetland ecosystems can be used to help mitigate climate-related changes.

The Membership of the working group includes scientists, restoration practitioners, conservation leaders, land managers, policy and carbon market experts, representatives from carbon registries, and funding program leaders, as well as representatives from key government agencies. The working group reflects broad regional and national interest in coastal blue carbon.


Craig Cornu 

Estuary Technical Group

Institute for Applied Ecology

Coos Bay, OR

(541) 260 2916

Christopher Janousek, PhD

Department of Fisheries and Wildlife 

Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR

Heida Diefenderfer, PhD 

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

University of Washington

(360) 681-3619

Jude Apple, PhD

Padilla Bay NERR

Mount Vernon, WA

(360) 391-5438

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